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Wham Bam loves a good party, whether this is a Children’s Birthday, Anniversary, Mid-winter Christmas Party, Engagement Party or Aunt Vera’s 90th Birthday high tea – lets us take from homemade to well made.

We have all been there we want to plan something fun, pretty or maybe a bit of superhero but this all takes time and this is something a lot of us just do not have these days.

This is where Wham Bam can come in and help organise anything party for you.

  • Venue or we can come into your house and transform it to the party zone.

  • Catering

  • Decorating/Set up

  • Photo booths

  • Invitations

Plus, much more the ideas are endless.

If you want some wham Bam help please contact us today.

“The PartyPerfect team has worked with Amber over the years on various events. Amber is professional, calm and caring. She makes it her business to understand your business. One of the key attributes in the event and hospitality industry is timing. Amber understands this. She is excellent in coordinating and synchronizing the various service providers to make an event perfect. Amber has an excellent work ethic, she is well known in our community. She is creative and has an eye for detail. I would not hesitate to refer clients to Wham Bam Events as I know they will go the extra mile.”


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